Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Parc de Pignorolle

Parc de Pignoroelle
there is a castle too (not in the picture, I didn't manage to get a good picture of it. Trop de monde /many ppl)
.. oh yes, how chic it is to have a real castle (now museum) next to the park??
 I know I'm getting spoilt..

In Angers there are a lot of parks and gardens. Each day walking LM to school, I would pass by at least 3 little parks/playgrounds. We are also not too far from Parc de l'Arboretum. Which I promise to take you for a virtual tour of this little paradise..Yes! just you and me.. plus a bottle of Dom??

Big or small, it never fail to have trees, I mean old, gigantic, majestic, glorious trees. Most common trees are Oak, Fir and Chestnut but I saw Almond, Walnuts also Hazelnut.. May be it's me coming from the tropical country where hazelnut is only in chocolates tablettes or Chestnuts are only with street vendors.. To be able to pick up nuts from the ground is like eating Durian under the Durian tree. The sensation of touching the trees, admire what nature can provide while listening sweet melodies of Mesange and now Rouge Gourge..

So today, I'm taking you to Parc de Pignoroelle..

Rouge Gourge ( Red Throat) such a beauty, it sing so well..

 Oh boy, this little bird call Rouge Gourge. Not only is a sweet eye candy but the melody that it compose is.. is like what people say it's like when Angles sing.. compare to our well dressed Tuxedo Pie who says noting but "paca paca paca" all days..
Another look at it, it is always hiding in the blackberry bush for protection
 as the bush has thorns.
 There were a lot of children due to school holiday and here's what I saw..

3 boys plus their grandpa

Redhead angel
The magic of bubbles

Hello Kitty is for girls and Spider man (pronounced as Spi-da-maan) for boys
I almost burst out laughing the first time I heard what LM's friend said spider man.

Trees are staked to have a neat look as well as save space.

Another look at it. I saw apple and pear trees in this shape too.
I guess it's to make picking easier??


Grandparents enjoying school holiday with their grand-children


Little girl with a Beret. See how she stand??
Beret is a typical french hat which i will save it for another post. See how she stand??

Now turn around and still a pose.

Isn't she Chic??

The French just has it, even from this young age.

Parc is not just for kids but it's also for those who re-live their courtship days after the nest is empty..
Yes! they are romantic.. may be mine has eaten too much curries..

Playing in the woods

Artificial tree vs hundred year old tree

Clean park, fresh air, bird chirping

Picnic tables (clean, no leftover from previous user), bins (emptied regularly, there is no plastic bottles or tissue papers to be seen around), outdoor play equipments (for all age groups and in good condition), birds, nature and fresh air.. What else can I ask for?? free champagne for everyone?? not a bad idea.. have to note it down to propose to the next presidential candidates.

Who is walking who??

A sign of spring

A brunch is much better then a plastic sword
 What nature can give is way too much..

Surely no compare to shopping malls and quality time being with family.

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