Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another Sunday Lunch

Last Sunday we had invited some family members over to have lunch with us. Since it was in our place and I'm the chef it was Asian Food. SIL was pleased when it's my turn to cook cause as she mentioned it's like a voyage to the far east..

As the saying go when in Rome France do as the french..

So the menu is a mix of Asian and french cuisine.  As mentioned earlier.. in France, meal time is a ritual. It's a gourmet ritual. A ritual that is taken seriously as eating well is considered a birthright for every French :)

So here we go:

Sweet alcohol or non alcohol drinks are served followed by glass-clinking with eye contact to the person that you are clinking glass with and don't forget to say “Santé”. I learnt this from Ma belle Isa. This is one of the many table etiquette practise in France. We kept things simple by serving some roasted assorted nuts and crackers. The idea is not to over load the invitees... 

Wanton 2 ways

Wanton in chicken broth garnish with spring onions
Fried wanton serve with sweet chillies sauce. This was a hit compare to the wanton soup. I guess it's the combination of crispy wanton and the sweet chili sauce

Main course
Chicken curry with coconut milk.
serve with vegetable briyani rice

Cheese course


L'Opera is a classic french almond sponge layer cake which has a very elegant look and the taste is so full yet sophisticate. Just like the look, simple but elegant. So L'opera is what I wanted to serve. After many searches in the Internets and also many books from the library plus 2 failed attempt (luckily I have FH and LM who would devour anything sweet) I manage to put up a round L'opera (a classic Opera is square). L'opera with champagne..more glass-clinking, more “Santé”. Of course, we need have to wish each other Health after all the amount of  food and alcohol we consume. I am loving every minute of this gourmet ritual.  

Coffee/Tea and a many pieces of chocolate

Plum Eau de Vie

In France, the traditional "Digestif" is a real gourmet ritual. The French word "digestif" refers to the digestion process; drinking a small quantity of Cognac, Armagnac,Calvados or any Eau de Vie should indeed make you digest more easily.  Opposite to Apéritifs which is serve at the beginning of a meal, digestive drinks are served at the end of a rich meal, to - supposedly! - help the digestion process. This convivial moment after dinner gives you the opportunity to taste some gems of the French food and gastronomy, including liqueurs, eaux de vie, brandies and other fruity alcohols.
This Plum Eau de Vie is more then 50/60 years old, has more then 40% of alcohol and it's was made by FH's grand father. A little sip of it is like a big bite into a big juicy plum. You taste the fruit, the sun and oak that it has matured in. Should there be a war, this is what I would grab with me..

But notthing can compare to a kiss,
a simple kiss that touches the soul

C'est Que du Bonheur

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