Thursday, February 16, 2012

Boudin Noir

Bourdin Noir with lard and onions in it

Today, let's talk about Boudin Noir. Mmm.. the first time I saw this, it did not stir up my appetite at all. Mainly because it looks like caca de chien (dog shit poo). For those who knows me. I am someone who like to venture out and taste what the local have on their plate or what the street vendor sales. Be it in Indonesia, Morocco, Maldives, Thailand plus many more countries I have visited during my younger days. To me, to really visit a place the best is to stay with the local. If that's not the case then we should at least try what they have on their plate. It is really no point to visit somewhere and not taste what they have to offer.  
But this caca looking thing call Boudain Noir is actually blood sausage. In Malaysia, we do eat blood too but it is in a form of Tofu usually stuffed.. I have never liked it too. Come to think about it, it is actually the same ingredient (blood) but in a different form (tofu and sausage) and may be seasoning.  Funny isn't it? Different culture, different way to present certain thing or food.

MIL and FH loves Bourdin Noir. This is something you buy from your favorite charcuterie butcher/delicatessen shop. It can be consume cold .. mmm.. no thanks or pan fried and has to be serve with pan fried apple. I don't know if this is how it is or it is just FH and MIL's way. But there are just too many hidden rules.. For example, fish is normally pair with rice and not with salad, unless it's deep fried fish. Let's save this for another post. I know I will not run out of topic to talk about.

I am still learning. These are still lots to learn.. lots to discover..

But after almost a decade together.. I guess, I am now neither Nyonya nor French. Cause this is one of my favorite dish now. Same for MIL and FH. Guess what they had for dinner tonight? Wanton soup and fried wantons with sweet chilies sauce ;P

Pan fried apples, easy and yummy..

I love it especially when the bourdin is well cooked. Meaning when the content is a little dried or mildly burn adding a little crisp to the smooth texture. Imagine caramelised onions, pork lard and blood mix with butter and pair with sweet apple slices.. oh so gooddd..

Caramelised apple slices is another side dish that is easy to prepare and goes so well with roast pork. Another hidden rule: this pan fried apple slices is normally pair with pork. I know if I serve this with roast pork, 99.9999% everything would be gone. LM doesn't like this sausage...yet, I don't blame him :) May be when he is 10, he might prefer this to Chez Mado (MC Donald's). Let's see..

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