Saturday, December 15, 2012


How to describe the pain of losing someone?

or is there a way to put the feeling into words? so that it would ease our pain?

My heart goes to all those who had lost their child/love ones in the Connecticut shooting.

I can't stop asking myself...

What has gone wrong with this world??

I am grieving not only with America
 but also Humanity

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Angers by night

It's freezing out there but the lights make me forget all about the cold.

I am standing right opposite the Chateau D'Angers. Also known as Chateau de Roi René (castle of King René) but you can't see it.

What shows in this picture is the Cathedral Saint-Maurice D'Angers which was constructed in the 11th century.
Everything in this place is just so old, yet very well preserved and still in use.

At the Chateau D'Angers, we can even see some stone-aged tools being exhibit next to a modern souvenir shop.

Pont de Verdun, Angers
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