Saturday, December 15, 2012


How to describe the pain of losing someone?

or is there a way to put the feeling into words? so that it would ease our pain?

My heart goes to all those who had lost their child/love ones in the Connecticut shooting.

I can't stop asking myself...

What has gone wrong with this world??

I am grieving not only with America
 but also Humanity


  1. It is a truly horrible thing that is for sure and makes me glad I live in a country where there is gun control


    1. Actually, the state of Connecticut has very strict gun laws. The problem with "gun control" is that you only take guns away from the good guys. The bad guys get them either way.

  2. It is an unfathomable tragedy. Your picture says a thousand words :)

  3. Totally agree with you Molly. A semi automatic is not for self defence, they are not for sport either and 3 armes for a family of 2??

    This picture shows how I feel for those who are affected by this tragedy. Feeling extremely lucky to be able to hug my son tighter tonight..

    Pieni Lintu,
    Me too.. numb of sadness..

  4. You wrote the most perfect thing. Thank you for grieving alongside of us. It is too hard to understand. My heart breaks over and over when I think of it. Thank you for caring. Love, Becky

  5. I agree:( So much sadness.

  6. Beautiful image. ♥ I have thought so much about this over the weekend. Shared what has brought me comfort on my blog this morning!

  7. Sylvia,
    I read the news saw on TV here too, just too sad for these kids. Seeing this sad incident glad that Mly had strict controls on weapons.
    Anyway, with this new year of 2013, I hope world gets to have better tomorrow, peace for all!
    Happy new year to u n family.