Monday, February 20, 2012

Trees and it's habitat

Since back in France, I have noticed there are more big trees then places that I have been to. May be I was not at the right place or I was always in a car or .. shopping malls..

In  France, they like to plant rows and rows of big Chêne  or oaks in park or some other trees along boulevard.. They are old, tall, exceptional, majestic and never fail to impress me.

Pigeon can be seen almost everywhere

It was snowing and I found this particular tree full of Merle Noir (black bird with yellow beak).

This is a PIE (pronounce as Pi) in English it's call Magpie. It sounds "pica pica pica".
Pie is also to describe someone very talkative.

My favourite - Mésange.. not only they are cute, they sing well too

Another Mésange . It is very tiny and light, only about the size of a chicken egg
which is why it is always on tree tips.

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