Saturday, November 24, 2012

Foire St. Martin

We went to the Foire St. Martin Angers which happens a month before Christmas each and every year. According to their web page, they are celebrating their 388th anniversary.. for what I know this funfair happens only in every November just before winter comes. For someone who comes from a young country (Malaysia is only 55 years old) and this funfair is.. err 388 years old?? 

This makes me wonder what their games were?? cochon (pigs) race?? but 388 years ago..we are talking about.. let's do some maths, oh boy the first year would be 1624!!

Photo source

I have made a search on the net and this happened even before Loius XIV our most famous and flamboyant Roi Soleil who was born in 1638.

Imagining them wearing their big wigs, white powdered face and a little "mouche" sitting on their upper lip..and didn't know that heels were in for men at that time until I see this picture. (La mouche is housefly in French but is also beauty mark which was commonly used)

Coming from a young country where everything is so instant and recent makes me appreciate how the French blend the old and the new. Example?? La mouche in 1638 and  Lip piercing 2012 ;)

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  1. Foire St Martin...What fun! Yes, they were pretty much trendsetters in1683;-) Hope u r well ;-)

    1. Hey Lina,
      Thank you for stopping by. I'm ok.. packing now to move back to m'sia. Bitter sweet.. happy to be back home but sad to leave my adopted home.. will miss this quite peaceful life and really not looking forward to traffic jams... strange isn't it??
      Saw snow in Alsace (Meteo) beautiful.. but keep yourself warm and stay well.

  2. Hi Sylvia,
    Aaaw,...shame...but happy for you to be back. Hope you will keep up with your blog:-). R u on.twitter ? I am...drop me a tweet @lina_to_u . Yes, we have snow....not too much but it's freezing .
    Anyway, I wish you all the best for the move....Bon courage et bon demenagement !

    1. Lina,
      I have been thinking if i should start to tweet.. and may be i should but not til i'm settled in KL. You can reach me at :) and thanks for your encouragement.. Just posted "Angers by Night" it's for you :)Biz