Monday, April 02, 2012

United Color of Spring


Oh finally the bright blue sky!! 20th March is officially Spring in France. Spring is the new beginning for the nature.
sign of flowers everywhere.. big tree with tiny flowers..

Springs means nature wakes up from their long months of  hibernation, each on their own time..

This is an almond tree, it is one of the first fruit tree that bloom at the end of winter months.
Filling the air with a thin sweet almond scent.

Jacintha in soft pink, smell fantastic

Jacintha in hot pink

 Spring is a good way to "see" time. As each day, different type of tree wakes up by showing us beautiful, colourful flowers before their leaves.

Doesn't want to be left out, this tree trunk is showing it's colour too.

Busy at work

LM call this "shooting stars". It really looks like shooting stars when there is a breeze.

A close up look at the "shooting stars"

This is a "Pie Vert" a green woodpecker. I have been waiting for it since January..
Worth the wait, isn't it?

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