Friday, March 09, 2012

The Maldives

Today, let's "go" to Maldives.. I'm missing the 3 Ss as in Sun, sand and sky. Also 3 Ts as in Turquoise, tranquility and tequila for a frozen Margarita..

Just 4 months ago The French Nyonya were running bare foot as free as the crane above in the Maldives. Yes!! I can understand how you feel when I say we were in the Maldives and we were not holidaying but living there for.... awhile. Jealous?? I can understand..

I just love it whenever people asked about where we lived. Once the word Maldives left my lips..most people would give us the envy, disbelieve, oh-you-so-lucky kind of "look".

Our front yard..

I don't blame them for that "look". Oh! no.. I don't blame them at all cause Maldives is not a country you would migrate to. People go there for their once-in-a-life-time/honeymoon/retired kind of holiday and before we are all too old to move about...

So Maldives and its many high end, ultra luxurious resorts is truly a place one should visit before it is totally submerge by the effect of global warming. Have a look here.

Island crane

I did count my blessing
Each and everyday.

Even though, I have to be very honest that I was moaning of no shopping malls, can't drive, can't go visit or hanging out with friends who live on another island as and when I wish.. can't just walk to school, can't just cross the road to buy say.. toothpaste. Can't find things that I want/need all in a shop but have to do a "treasure" hunt around Male, the capital island. 

For as beautiful as paradise it is, it can be difficult to be isolated for an extended amount of time. Depence of which island you are on.. as there are as many as 1190. Some big, a good example would be Male.. some small.. just enough to set up a table for two.

We were on a good size island.. when describe how big is the island, I like to measure it with time. Say in Velassaru, we need a good 30min to walk one round around the island with a few stops to feel the sand and to smell the air but in Velavaru, it took us only 12 minutes to the max.

Despite all the minus above, I do miss this piece of paradise on earth. When there is no shopping malls to pass my time, no time waste at the traffic, no way to go, can't get all things needed..

We spent time well admire the many colourful sunsets..

We swam with fish of rainbow colours..while cotton clouds floating by..

We saw dolphins on our way to school..
Once, I was so lucky to be greeted by three pilot whales on my way home from school island..

No shopping malls, no play parks..
but the turquoise blue sea and sparkling-powder-white sand

No Eau de vie..
but fresh-from-the-tree coconut juice..
and/or a Pina Colada to call it day..


  1. Hi Slyvia:
    I'm your newest follower, just love your Maldives holiday photo especially the crane.
    I'm outdoor person, our holiday always relate with sun sea sand :-)
    Thanks for following my blog too, felt happy to get connected with another Malaysian and sharing the same food passion.

  2. Hi Yin,
    What a wonderful way to start a day with a message from another blogger. I have been following your blog sometime and really honour to receive a word from you. Let me know if you want to visit the Maldives, i can pull a few strings :)

  3. Stumbled on your fellow m'sian in wonderful France. Lovely turquoise blue sea and white sand frontyard!

  4. Hi Lina,
    Wow.. this is so amazing. I get to meet fellow M'sian through blogging. Thank you for dropping by. I'm in Angers, what about you?

  5. Hi Sylvia,
    Cool isn't it?..I'm nearly in the opposite direction, in Alsace. I don't blog I'm afraid but immense admiration for those who do!

    1. Ahh.. the birthplace of Choucroute!! Love choucroute!! and Alsace wines too :) Now a M'sian in Alsace.. trop cool :)