Saturday, January 12, 2013


Here's a few pictures which I took when assisting the school for a class visiting of the local heritage. And Weaving is part of Angers' heritage. 

This is a view on top of the weaving machine. I have a love for these objects, the colours, the wood, perseverance..

And many pairs of little hands working hard to preserve the "Savoir Faire"



One of the many end products

Proudly display in the classroom.

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  1. Dear Sylvia:
    To me weaving seem to be need more skills than sewing. Just love those rainbow colors.

    Always love the ideas of parent helpers practise in Western School. I was actively involved in Ray's school activities when we were in NZ.
    But back in Malaysia, you dont have much of this chances anymore. Even school events of singing competition, parents not invited.
    I suppose mainly due to the numbers of heads, too crowded to house all in one small hall.

  2. Hi Sylvia:
    Knowing you are coming back to Malaysia and you had asked where to get some other baking utensil and happened to see the promotion on this mixer again in Groupon that you may be interested in.

    hope this reach you before the deal goes off.

    1. Hi Yin,
      thanks for the info. Just manage to get my internet fixed. Think I might have to wait for another promotion.. fist internet, next is a car the bank is running dry ;(