Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mushrooms hunting

The other day we went mushrooms hunting.  This is not some activity that I grow up with but I have such love with the nature that I would like to learn as well as sharing this special experience with my boy. So we hopped in our boots, put on our rain coat and went to the cellar to look for Mamie's (grandma) basket plus a little knife in hand... We went hunting for mushrooms.

It was everywhere if you actually pay attention! Although it was drizzling (well, since 10 days non-stop) we had such fun.. it was really like treasure hunting, as mushrooms come in different shape and sizes. We actually need to keep a shape eye to spot them.

 Of course not all of them are edible. Luckily, there is always a pharmacy around the corner..and the Pharmacist knows how to identified. I did borrow a book from the library about mushrooms too.

 So here's a few tips on what you have to do when go mushroom hunting:

  1. Always use a basket but not plastic bags as mushrooms need to breath.
  2. If you don't know a certain type of mushroom, it's always good to pick the mushrooms with it's roots then keep it in a separate container to avoid contamination. 
  3. If it is some edible mushrooms that you know, always use a knife to cut it so it will grow again at the same spot the next year.
  4. Always verify with your local pharmacy even though you think you know the mushrooms to avoid poisoning.
  5. For those white button mushrooms like the one shown above (bottom left), they are actually inedible cause the pharmacist and also the book taught me a trick..lightly scratch the mushroom with your nails if you see it turn bridge yellow throw it away. They are not poisonous but they are indigestible. 
  6. Only eat mushrooms that you have positively identified yourself. As others might make a mistake and it might just be deadly.
  7. Separate each and every type of mushroom so that the pharmacist can identified easily.
Cost for the activity?? Zero..

The experience to learn and discover together with my boy plus an afternoon away from TV and computer games?? Priceless!! 

Happy weekend everybody,
xoxoxo Sylvia

Sharing this experience with Simple Things Sunday 


  1. lovely photos and wonderful that you had such enjoying times with your boy as well :)

  2. cool - but I don't think our local pharmacist would do that for me!

  3. Thank you for dropping by ladies.. oh yes, our phamacist does that without charge which is quite awesome but i am not sure if they are going to be happy if i drop by everyday ;P

  4. Great shots! I love mushroom-pics ♥

  5. Wonderful ground-eye view!

  6. Lovely photos Sylvia...anything that takes you out in nature is certainly a worthwhile activity! Thank you for linking up with the simple things this week. Can't wait to see you this Sunday where we'll be celebrating the simple thing's 2 year anniversary with some super fun giveaways! :)