Thursday, July 19, 2012

Roast Lamb Shoulder

Roast Lamb Shoulder 

Today for lunch we had roasted lamb shoulder with garlic, rosemary and thyme. We don't have lamb very often as some family member doesn't like the strong odour..but this is the smell that we the lamb lovers long for. Ahh.. plus the smell of rosemary, thyme and of course garlic. Plenty of garlic gloves, a glass or two of Bordeaux and some sourdough bread to soak up the juice.

In Asia or I should say Malaysia, we normally have lamb or mutton in curry which is so tender and tasty with all the spices and the hours to slowly simmer in low heat. Since, I'm in France and being married to a Frenchman, does change my eating habit or it's the weather? I long for some roast. That's why i did this simple yet tasty dish.

Roasted Lamb Shoulder and vegetables

Here's what you need and how:

1         Lamb shoulder
some   Rosemary spring
some   Thyme
Sea salt and pepper for seasoning
Olive Oil
Lots of garlic cloves

For the vegetables:

1           Courgette (cut in wedge)
2           Medium onions (wedged)
1           Red pepper
200g     Noirmoutire new potatoes (you can use any new potatoes)

How? easy!! Just rub a good amount of sea salt and pepper all over the lamb, using a knife make a few slash all over the lamb and insert garlic gloves in these holes then sprinkle a good amount of rosemary and thyme and sit it on top of a bed of peppers, courgette and potatoes or whatever your choice is.

Add a little water (a table spoon or 2 is more then enough, as the vegetables will gives out water) so the meat would stay moist and arose some olive oil all over the dish. Cover with aluminium foil before you pop it in a full blast oven. Bake for an hour (mine lamb was 1.3kg) covered with foil and extra 10minutes each side under grill without foil to give it a good tan.

Remove from the oven, cover it with the foil and let it rest for 15mins while you prepare the gravy. For the gravy, pour out the stock and scrub out all the caramelized bit into a bowl. In a sauce pan, heat a table spoon of lamb fat (which float on top of your stock) , mix in a table spoon of flour then pour in the stock and simmer til thicken to make gravy.

Crisp, tender yet moist..

Put the dish in the middle of the table, slice in front of everyone and enjoy!!

Simple, no fuss balanced diet...
Quelle bonheur!!

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